New Ultra E-Cigs Review by EcigaretteReviewed Reveals the Ugly Truth

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Internacional (Marketwired, 09 de Agosto de 2013) EcigaretteReviewed, an Uncompromising E-Cig Review Site, Has Released a New Ultra E-Cigs Review That Cuts Away the Hype to Reveal the Ugly Truth BeneathEcigaretteReviewed takes a manufacturer to task in the company's new Ultra e-cigs review. Finding quality e-cigarettes is no easy task, thanks to the significant number of models and brands on the market. The most reliable way to choose an e-cigarette is to hunt through review sites on a fact-finding mission, but that's tough.

The new Ultra e-cigs review from EcigaretteReviewed effectively proves the company's dedication to honest appraisals of e-cigs, heavily criticizing almost every aspect of the product to create a review that's a must-read for anyone considering Ultra e-cigs.

Ultra e-cigs is not a particularly well-known name in the industry, and the company has a relatively limited range of products. According to the review, the manufacturer would need to accomplish a lot to stand out from the top e-cigs in the industry. The review examines the Premium Starter Kit, which comes with six cartridges, a USB charger, two batteries, a wall adapter and a portable charging kit for $49.95.

While the positives in the review are limited, there are some high points that potential buyers should consider. For instance, the review gives high marks to vapor production, rating it as "satisfying," and also approves of the cigarette-pack style portable charging case. The review also gives a positive nod to the company's choice of all US-made ingredients.

Despite these positives, the review concludes that the only real reason to purchase this kit would be the price point. Even then, the review urges buyers to think hard. With few flavor options and the one nicotine level available, combined with poor battery life, reviewers recommend tossing out the brand.

EcigaretteReviewed has a reputation for not pulling punches in reviews. However, this is the only instance where the company has recommended a manufacturer start from scratch. For smokers thinking about switching to a safer alternative to traditional cigarettes, the Ultra e-cigs review offers advice that comes through loud and clear — stay away.


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