EcigaretteReviewed Helps Vapers Understand Industry Evolution With New Panda eCigs Review

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Internacional (Marketwired, 05 de Agosto de 2013) EcigaretteReviewed, an Industry-Leading E-Cig Review Site, Has Today Released a New Panda eCigs Review to Help Smokers Understand How Vaping Is EvolvingEcigaretteReviewed has today announced the debut of a new Panda eCigs review, highlighting the interesting evolution of the industry and ensuring smokers make the right choice for their needs.

The e-cigarette industry is still in its infancy, and constantly evolving. As new technology comes to market, leading brands can disappear overnight, and voracious new companies are more than happy to fill their slot. For smokers considering the switch and dedicated vapers alike, this is exciting, yet challenging. The immense number of options on the market makes review sites indispensible, and EcigaretteReviewed is one of the biggest players. The site's new Panda ecigs review tackles a lesser-known brand, helping readers understand the truth about this up-and-comer.

Panda eCigs offers standard e-cigarette options (battery style, cartridge style, etc.), but their focus is on eGos. These are larger e-cigarettes that pack more power. The new review looks at two of the company's kits, the Joy eGo Kit for $69.95 and the traditional style Evolve Kit for $59.95.

Both kits come with two batteries. The eGo's battery is larger and more powerful. They also both feature two clearomizer tanks, with the Evolve coming in at 0.9 ml and the eGo at 1.6 ml. 10 ml of e-liquid, a USB charger and a wall adapter are also included with both kits. The most significant difference here is that the eGo Kit offers a soft carrying pouch, while the Evolve kit comes with five cartomizers. The review puts both kits to the test.

Overall, the review is positive. However, there are some negative elements that should be noted. One of the most important is that vapor production doesn't see a massive increase with the eGo battery, although battery life is more substantial. The review concludes that most smokers will be happier with the eGo, but that's largely because the smaller kit sees such poor battery life.

EcigaretteReviewed's Panda eCigs review does highlight plenty of positive attributes, though. The brand's clearomizer approach ensures immense flexibility, but nicotine level selection and flavor options are also high points. This raw, honest, informative review is a must-read for anyone considering Panda eCigs. For the full review visit:


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